#TotulVaFiBine Story

Subsequent to personal voluntary actions, an experience of about 2 years as Vice President in another NGO and the desire to constantly do GOOD, in mid-2020 I have founded the “Totul Va Fi Bine” Non-Profit Organization.

Despite the fact that it was a year of uncertainty for everyone, a time when help was needed more than ever, I found the strength to write the first GOOD stories.

The “TOTUL VA FI BINE” story came to life when we realized that the number of little children who can not enjoy their childhood is too high for the current times, and our desire to help them live without essential deficiencies was the necessary basis for establishing this association.

The “TOTUL VA FI BINE” Charity Association is an NGO that works for charitable, educational and cultural purposes. Through this project we aim to increase access to education and health for children and young people from undeprivileged families. Specifically, through the activity of the association we aim to contribute to integrating certain social groups that face various problems in the community, such as:

asociatia totul va fi bine anca silca
Anca Elena Slisca

Although we have started our activity not long ago, an NGO with limited financial resources, without a headquarters, without a location where we could carry out our activity, most of the time with our own funding and also donations from good people, we managed to carry out some notable campaigns. We have important plans for the next period due to the encouraging results and the positive feedback I received both for me as the founder of “Totul Va Fi Bine” and as a person and I am very happy I managed to involve people who want to dedicate part of their time for volunteer work within the association.

The projects and campaigns carried out are meant to bring a change in the mentality and perception of those around us and our MISSION is to offer those around them the help they need, to involve and mobilize people who, in turn, can further contribute in various projects and of course, become a sustainable organization with long-term results and many positive changes in the community.

Together we will bring smiles on the faces of these little children from undeprivileged backgrounds!

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